The Three Best Indian Restaurants in St Helens to Spice Up Your Life

If you want to spice up your life through flavourful dishes, then Indian cuisine is certainly one of the best things that you can try. It is after all, a cuisine that has become so popular throughout the world because of the many amazing flavours that it brings to the dining table. Of course, if you want to have the most amazing experience when eating Indian food, then looking for the best Indian restaurants in your area will be in your best interest.  

I live in St Helens, and this town has plenty of good Indian restaurants that you can go to. However, if you really want to have the best experience, then there are basically three restaurants that are considered the best by myself, and many other Indian food lovers in town. With that in mind, here are the best three Indian restaurants in St Helens, for those of you that want to have a great time spicing up your life. 


Shere Khan Express

Located just outside of the town centre of St Helens, Shere Khan Express is an excellent option for people that want great tasting Indian food. They have a wide range of delicious and flavourful Indian dishes here, which is great as a way to introduce someone new to the amazing world of Indian cuisine. Service from this restaurant is always on point, and so is the quality of their food. They have delivery services as well, so if you are craving for your favourite Indian dish and don’t want to leave your house, then you can make use of their delivery services rather conveniently. 


Balti Spice 

Known for using only the finest ingredients for the dishes that they serve, Balti Spice is another great Indian restaurant here in St Helens. This place has an extensive array of dishes on their menu, and that is definitely something that I love to see in any Indian restaurant. I visit this place quite often, and that’s because it is considered as the favourite Indian restaurant at my student removals St Helens workplace. If you are someone that is looking for an Indian restaurant that never fails to impress, then Balti Spice should be on your list. 


Ba’Bursi Indian Restaurant and Bar 

In case you are someone that wants to eat at an Indian restaurant that serves authentic Indian recipes, then Ba’Bursi Indian Restaurant and Bar will surely hit the spot for you. This place is well-known for serving dishes that are made with only the freshest, and most delicate ingredients. Although they are considered as a small family-run business, they have been serving happy customers for almost 25 years now. That only goes to show just how amazing this place is when it comes to their Indian dishes. 


So for those of you that want to have the best Indian cuisine experience, then these are the three best restaurants that we have here in St Helens. While there are other restaurants out there, these three are the ones that really shine when it comes to the flavour, quality, and variety of the food that they serve. That said, never miss an opportunity to eat at any of these three restaurants if you want great quality Indian food. 

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