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Here at St Helens Removals, we are happy to move furniture of all shapes and sizes! There’s no need to go it alone when you can use our friendly and efficient furniture removals service.

When you need to move furniture, think of us! No matter what the move consists of – wooden furniture, garden furniture, beds, sofas and other bulky or heavy items – we will be happy to help you with your L34 furniture removals! We have the manpower and vehicles required to transport your items swiftly and safely. Don’t risk damaging yourself or your property by attempting these moves alone! Our team has significant experience performing furniture removals, so we have the knowledge and skills to do so easily. Furniture relocation becomes so straightforward when you use our efficient and affordable service. During every removal, big or small, you’re guaranteed the full attention of our trained and competent team. Their meticulous approach ensures that your furniture is transported safely and speedily.

When you need to move your furniture from one place to another, think of our company. We can navigate every tight or awkward space, so what’s difficult to the average person comes easily to us. Given our service is so surprisingly affordable, why would you trust anyone else to move your furniture? Over our many years of operating in St Helens and the surrounding area, we have become the go-to removals service for local people. Give us a call today for a no-obligation quotation! We’d be delighted to discuss the furniture that you need to move in St Helens and beyond, and to give you an idea of how we could make your furniture removals unbelievably easy! Simple, straightforward and stress-free — that’s our furniture removals service!

Moving furniture is exhausting and time-consuming work. Luckily, it’s work that we love doing! As a team, nothing makes us happier than knowing that we have helped our customers to enjoy a stress-free moving day thanks to our efficient and effective removals service. We do the hard work, so you’re able to relax! When you hire St Helens Removals, you can be confident that your furniture is in safe hands. We have plenty experience performing this kind of work, after all! That’s why locals choose to trust us when it’s time to relocate their furniture. We don’t just perform the heavy lifting. We’re happy to help dismantle furniture too, and package it safely so it can be moved without risk of damage. At the other side, if you need help assembling your furniture, just let us know! We are happy to help with every step in the furniture removals process.

When you think about moving, it can be overwhelming, especially if you have large or awkward items of furniture to move. Moving a sofa or a bed can seem impossible to the untrained! However, we have a team of experienced professionals who can make light work of your furniture removals in St Helens and the surrounding area. What are you waiting for? Get in touch and we will be happy to quote you for the work, with no obligation to book. We know you’ll be impressed by our fair prices. Enjoying the convenience of a professional removals service doesn’t have to be an expensive experience. Instead, you can cut costs without cutting corners by contacting our experienced and professional team. What makes us so different from our so-called competitors? We combine knowledge, skills and experience in one surprisingly affordable package.


Some items are more difficult to move than others. Maybe they are extremely fragile, like beloved glass ornaments or appliances with sensitive parts. Maybe they’re especially heavy or bulky, for example a sofa or a bed. We have experience moving a whole variety of furniture, equipment and appliances, so nothing is too difficult or too much work for us. Over our decades of experience performing removals in the WA10 postcode, we have developed a specialist skillset that allows us to relocate a vast variety of items with ease. What you may feel is impossible to move, we can definitely achieve! Why struggle to move furniture alone? It makes much more sense to take advantage of our cheap and cheerful removals service that will ensure every item arrives intact to its new location!

For the best removals service in St Helens, give us a call today! We have a justifiably fabulous reputation in St Helens and the surrounding area, so it makes sense to trust the professionals with your prized possessions. Don’t make the mistake of taking a risk when it comes to your beloved belongings. Instead, hire a trained and knowledgeable team to transport your assets appropriately. If there’s something worth knowing about the furniture removals process, we already know it! Let us apply our vast experience to your benefit, so you can enjoy a superior furniture removals experience as a customer in the St Helens area.

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