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Welcome to St Helens Removals! Your number one moving company in St Helens, Merseyside. We are a group of multitalented professionals offering the finest door to door moving service all over the United Kingdom.

House Removals

Looking to move to your new home and searching for individuals whom are proficient, cautious and experts in the field of moving items then you're at the ideal place. We have a demonstrated reputation of going above and beyond for our clients. Our services for house removals in St Helens, Merseyside are very reliable as well as affordable. You can generally be certain that your belongings and items are in the correct hands.

Office Removals

Your office property is valuable and it deserves to be handled with care. We believe that the key to successful office removals is planning early. We help you to get your property ready before the date of the move. If you have any clutter, we suggest that you get rid of it early to avoid moving your items that may have no use in the new office.

Student Removals

Being a student, you are most likely to move quite often and We, at St Helens Removals can help you with it!

International Removals

Setting out for a new home in a new country is far beyond the usual territories you go, Relocation can be risky.

Why choose us as your local removal company?

We strongly believe in developing a trustworthy relationship with our esteemed clients in St Helens. Our company has marked a distinction beating all of our competitors in providing the most reliable moving service available. Nevertheless, we offer you;

  • 24/7 quick and reliable online customer support
  • An immediate response to all your queries
  • Instant free no-obligation quotes
  • Quick and safe delivery of your goods
  • Affordable quotes along with free consultation
  • A sole insurance and claim-back providence for the damaged goods in case of an accident, even though neither has happened till now.

Do you require a hassle-free removal service?

You have come to the ideal place!


Whether you require house removals, office removals, business relocation, student removals, student storage, international removals, packing, unpacking, cleaning, setting, removal insurance or other short/long term storage solutions, we will be providing you an ultimate moving experience confiscating all the hurdles and pressure out of your way. We take our pride in presenting the premium competitive rates with absolute scrutiny to offer invigorated quality work, minimising all the unnecessary costs throughout.

Our team, working for over several years, has gained an online reputation completing the hallmark mega projects. We are a chain of removal companies, winning spectacular reviews and the record trustworthy testimonials from different parts of the country such as Bradford, Keighley, Huddersfield, St Helens, extending far as West Yorkshire, Merseyside and throughout the UK. Not only the staff, but we are also up to date in technology. We have the most advanced vans and trucks that provide a maximum-security environment to your packed and sealed goods. You can also avail of our high-quality wrapping materials and removal boxes. Our storage warehouse units are exceedingly vast and secure as to offer maximum protection to all your belongings.

Removals are never supposed to be easy, and the situation becomes even complex when you have limited time and a huge mess to be cleaned. So, if you are the one facing such circumstances, worry not! Get us by your side and leave everything up to our highly skilled crew. We will send the best of our team to your doorstep. Once the home survey is done, we can get aligned into an agreement. Our managers will not only brief but will also guide you regarding the service you are seeking.  Get free quotes from our 24/7 online service, or call us now.

What services do we offer?

House removals

Sometimes due to new opportunities in life or sometimes due to personal reasons and factors, moving into a brand-new town or city is not an unforeseeable event. Nowadays, within urban societies, very individuals living in United Kingdom live in a single house throughout their lives. In some reports it is mentioned that roughly 187,00 individuals move just into the capital city out of different locations each year. Shifting into a brand-new house is an exciting as well as a difficult job. One must be mentally prepared coping up with tiring tasks such as packaging, clearing, billing, filling, unloading, cleaning, and setting at the exact same time. Heavy load of work especially when moving is extremely challenging to be handled by one individual. Hence this is why you need to hire a cost-effective removal company like St Helens Removals.

Being your number one moving company in St Helens, we are proud to state that we offer an affordable service whilst providing a premium house removal service to our prestigious customers. Our unique and versatile team takes complete care of your complete house relocation, taking comprehensive notes and monitoring all the procedures throughout, with profound invigilation at every step. Our vigorously trained team of removal will look after all of your personal belongings at your home, this can either be disassembling parts or obtaining precious antique items. We provide made to measure packaging materials. You can choose to pack up your valuables in these storage boxes or receive our packaging service to minimise your overall cost of your complete house removal. With regards to pricing, we promise to beat all the competitive rates of our competitors. The final price is dependent upon several factors such the volume of the items, size of the house, distance to your new home, and also availability of the van. Provide us the date, time, place of when you want to move and we will give you a quick and reliable removal service. One of the many services we provide is “man with van St Helens”, our team will pick up your items from your door-step and will make the delivery to your chosen destination on the same day guaranteed.

Office Removals

Moving an office to another place is a long and tedious task compared to moving into a brand-new home. One has to plan their every step to make a perfect office move. This depends upon several factors such as the size, number of items to be shifted, and the list goes on. Such items are very essential especially office belongings. Hence, extra attention to detail is required whilst moving, even to the smallest of objects. This entails and requires the individual to be very particular to swift through the entire procedure without compromising any items. At St Helens Removals, before finalising your business relocation, we strongly advise all of our esteemed customers to organise their items which they want moving and which items they want to dispose of. Our experts in removals normally inspect the property and thereafter imply any instructions required for the removal to take place. Just like every house is different likewise every office is also different. The space and sizes of house tends to be larger than offices, hence office removals is generally more easier as there is less items and packaging. For that reason, we provide comprehensive assistance to our customers by providing simple instructions to follow. We provide inexpensive yet the best removal service, offering tension free moving service in St Helens, Merseyside. We equally take care of the fragile items along with the heavy items. Our team of experts are always there to answer any questions or queries you may have and willing to aid you. With very reasonable cost you will find us to be a very fast reliable office to office removal company.

Student Removals

Being a student, you are most likely to move quite often whether at the start of a new session or to enjoy the holidays back at hometown. Although the overall luggage is not much as compared with the usual house moving, however, even with the small bag and baggage, student removals can be quite burdensome provided you have not properly planned the move. Plenty of students make a move during the same sessions, hence, the season can get quite crowded. This can cause trouble especially for those who are going to have their first student moving experience. The other difficulty lies in the increasing removal costs during peak days. Under such circumstances, all the thrill and enthusiasm can go right up into the air, if you go by a non-professional mover company. What you need to save your back is the quick and on-budget remover service. That is why it is very important to do proper planning and hire the most promising moving service firm such as St Helens Removals. 

We are working for more than a decade with a highly dedicated and invigorated group of professionals who believe every move is unique and auspicious.  Being specialized in student moves, we provide cheap, affordable, and the best service ever. Our working methodology is very simple. You can book even at the latest time, or if you have everything organized our man with a van can be booked in advance. Check our online free quotes to estimate how affordable we are. If you seek some guidance, our experts can give free advice regarding any aspect of removal. So, if you are from the St Helens area, and trying to find the best option, we offer our 24 by 7 service. Try us, and you will never be disappointed. 

International Removals

Setting out for a new home in a new country is far beyond the usual territories you go by while relocating your house or business to the next city or the adjacent town. International removal is a much detailed and burdensome process, Afterall the whole set course of your daily life is to be dismantled and transferred to another piece of land. It is not just about the furniture, belongings, valuables, and baggage, but an additional legal spectrum is also to be covered. A single mistake can devastate the whole journey. Therefore, one must be extra cautious while planning for overseas shifting. We at St Helens Removals, proudly present our global shifting services with our competitive rates offering a door to door international moving. Plan with our removing experts to choose either of the three transport routes as via air, land or sea. Depending upon the size and types of your goods, a compromise can be set between the cost and delivery timing so that the most suitable service is ensured. We always suggest our audience to be sure and precise about what to take by and what to leave behind. For example, if you must return within few months, it would be unnecessary to pack up the whole heavy luggage and furniture, rather you can opt for short-term storage to keep all such less needed things. Even if you are setting out for a long duration, still you can utilize the storage units for some luggage, so that once you get settled and assured how to manage at the new place, you can draw all the belongings. We provide free guidance to all our clients helping them to remove all the stress off their shoulders. So, if you are looking for a smooth and unproblematic international moving, get our free quotes right now!

Storage services

When you are not sure about what to move and what to leave, getting a short-term storage service is the best practice. Storage service offers a safe and sound environment for the valuables, till you want to draw them back by your place. There can be different situations, under which, a person can hire the storage units. Let’s just say if you must meet a deadline emptying the previous house but have not found the new place yet, or if you are heading out for a short period and cannot handle the heavy stuff by you then the best place to store all the belongings in such cases would be a storage warehouse. Storage warehouses vary in capacity from a locker to a double garage-sized highly secure facility with CCTV cameras and build-in emergency alarms. Storage and removals go side by side. Many removal companies also offer storage services. It is better to opt for the same company offering both the services so that the whole process is taken care of, by a single authority. Being nominated as the best local moving firm, we also provide the storage service for all kinds of materials leading from documents shredding to the heavy space housing furniture or machinery. Our warehouses are metal build and monitored 24/7 to maximize the security and protection of your prestigious belongings. We offer the service, not only, for houses but also for offices and business materials as well. Our student storage unit is also available to keep safe the books, and related study stuff for off-session seasons so that the students can draw back the stuff when required, instead of carrying the whole load along with them. We also provide containerized storage as per demand.

St Helens, Merseyside

St. Helens has been at the center of the United Kingdom’s industrial revolution as depicted by some of the centuries-old architecture and sculptures. A large town in Merseyside England, St. Helens is home to, few of the beautiful churches and cathedrals such as St. Helens Parish Church, St. Mary’s Lowe House Catholic Church and Holy Cross Church. For those who love fresh and organic food, Inglenook Farm of St. Helens presents a unique chance of enjoying a classic British Breakfast. Every second Sunday of months, stalls are set up where the best quality, homemade produce is put to sale in Inglenook Farm.

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