The Three Best Dessert Shops in St Helens That’ll Keep Sweet Lovers Happy

A sweet lover entering a dessert shop is literally a kid that enters a candy shop. You will immediately see their eyes light up because of joy, and it is a very happy sight to behold. I have a girlfriend that works at the St Helens house removals industry, and whenever she gets some free time, I never miss to take her out on some dessert splurging adventure in town. In light of that, I have actually spent a bit of time looking for the best dessert shops here in St Helens. 

If you are a sweet lover, or have someone special that is one, and want to always keep them happy, then knowing which dessert shops in town you should go to is a must. Nothing is more enjoyable that being able to savour the best desserts that the town has to offer, or seeing someone you cherish enjoy such treats. With that being said, below are what I believe to be the best three dessert shops in St Helens that’ll always keep sweet lovers happy. 


Kaspa’s Desserts St Helens 

For those that want a dessert house that offers all-time favourite hot and cold desserts in one shop and an exciting manner, then Kaspa’s Desserts St Helens is a great option for you. They have a wide selection of desserts that are considered great favourites by many dessert lovers. They also consistently deliver the quality of products that have made them famous, as well as the services that come with them. At the end of the day, Kaspa’s is a place where you can always expect to have a satisfying dessert eating experience here in St Helens. 



In case you are someone that loves pies, then Blackburn’s is the best dessert shop for you to visit here in St Helens. The pies that they server here are absolutely delicious and they also have a wide range of options for them as well. I am not a huge dessert lover, but I do love pies, so this is a place where my girlfriend and I, have something in common to eat. Other than their high quality desserts, the staff in this place are also amazingly polite and helpful. You can definitely tell that this place is amazing simply by the queue of people coming here. No need to worry about this though, because of their amazing services, the queue does move rather fast.  


Antonia’s Cakes 

For those that want the most amazing cakes here in St Helens, then Antonia’s Cakes is the best place to be. From cupcakes up to full blown cakes for special events, this place really nails it. You can expect nothing less but the best quality cakes from this dessert shop, and that is why it is a huge favourite of dessert lovers here in town when it comes to cakes. The moment they serve their desserts, you can really tell that so much effort has been placed towards their creation. 


So for those that want to have a good idea about the best dessert shops in St Helens, then these are the three best options for you. Be sure to check them out, and get ready to have your mind blown by the amazing desserts that these shops serve in a regular basis. 

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