A Coffee Lovers Notes on the Three Best Coffee Shops in St Helen

Being a coffee lover, having a great cup of coffee every single day is definitely something that I look forward to all the time. Personally, I think that nothing beats that feeling of taking the first sip of a cuppa that you know is really going to hit the cravings you have for great quality coffee. It is just a heavenly feeling, and one that can always help you start the day ready for any challenges that may come your way. 

While I do have my own coffee machine at home, I don’t always have the time to brew the great tasting coffee that I love. That is because I am often busy with the St Helens student removals job. To remedy that, I simply pay a visit to either one of the three coffee shops here in St Helens that I consider as the best. If you are someone that is interested in learning what these three coffee shops are, then you simply need to continue reading below. 


Nirvana Coffee Shop

NIRVANA COFFEE SHOP, St Helens - Updated 2020 Restaurant Reviews, Photos &  Phone Number - Tripadvisor

Nirvana Coffee Shop is a great place for people that are looking for a coffee shop that has a modern design and also has a very welcoming atmosphere. The coffee here is great, and never fails to satisfy a coffee lover’s cravings for quality coffee. The staff is very friendly, and they always pay careful attention to their customers’ needs. The shop is also wheelchair accessible, which is something that I really love because I have a best friend on a wheelchair that I love having coffee with all the time. Other than their coffee, they also serve plenty of noteworthy meals here on their menu. 


Toast Coffee House and Café 

Toast Coffee House & Cafe - Picture of Toast Coffee House & Cafe, St Helens  - Tripadvisor

Toast Coffee House and Café is a great coffee shop option for people here in St Helens that prefer to be in a British style café. Coffee here is exceptional in quality, and they have a good amount of coffee based drink options here too. This is actually the café that I frequent when going out for coffee with my wife. That is because they also serve plenty of amazing desserts here, which is something that my wife really loves. We both love the intimate and very cosy environment that this place has as well. Overall, this is another amazing coffee shop that coffee lovers in St Helens will surely enjoy. 


Café Bocboc 

Look inside the new and improved Boc Boc Cafe | St Helens Star

For those that want to try the best Italian coffee here in St Helens, then Café Bocboc is the place to be. The café has a very unique continental style design, which is something that I have always found very pleasing. Italian coffee is their signature here, and that is why it isn’t surprising at all to find them as the best when it comes to that type of coffee. Other than that, they also serve light lunches made from the freshest, and locally sourced ingredients. They also have luxury ice cream and other desserts here if you are interested in such items. 


There you go, if you are someone that is interested in finding the best coffee shops here in St Helens, then these are the three cafés that you should visit. All of these coffee shops are really amazing, and that is why you should never miss trying each of them out. 

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